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„Auf den Spuren der Nomaden (Teil 4): Die letzte Hürde“

Auf den Spuren der Nomaden (Teil 4): Die letzte Hürde

Tim Cope (Australien) - 43 min

Friday, 12. Nov. 2010 from 16:00 Stefaniensaal       

The unexpected death of his father almost made Tim give up. After four months of interruption the young adventurer following the footsteps of the great conqueror Genghis Khan is back again with his horses and his faithful dog Tigon, who accompanied him during the last three years on the 9000 km long journey on horseback from Mongolia to Europe. Now the little group has to cross the Carpathians, the highest and most inaccessible mountain range of Eastern Europe. In the middle of the Carpathian mountain world, Tim arrives in the homelands of the Huzules, a mountain people who has conserved their autonomy for centuries. He even finds traces of the old nomad culture. He is in particular amazed by the artistry of the Huzules. He would like to stay there longer, also because of Irina, the niece of the local priest. However, Tim has to continue his journey; Hungary, his goal, is coming closer and closer.


Special Prize of the Jury 2010

This epic journey on horse in the footsteps of Genghis Khan was 3 years and 10.000 km in the making. This remarkable effort by a solo adventure filmmaker is sensitively edited to paint a portrait of the land of the nomads.