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Alpine and foreign cultures
„Dolma du Bout du Monde (Dolma am Ende der Welt)“

Dolma du Bout du Monde (Dolma am Ende der Welt)

Véronique, Anne & Erik Lapied (Frankreich) - 65 min

Thursday, 11. Nov. 2010 from 19:30 Stefaniensaal       

Dolma and her family live on the banks of the river Zanskar in the Himalayas. 180 kilometres away, her husband Stanzin leads the caravans along dangerous routes and dreams of becoming a singer. The family’s destiny is linked to the river which in the course of the seasons both separates them and ties them together. Stanzin has to face the storm, the deamons of the river and the miracles of the modern world to be reunited with Dolma and their children.


Lobende Erwähnung 2010

We watched two beautiful films of the life in Zanskar and we had great difficulty choosing the winner of this category. „Dolma – Du Bout du Monde“ impressed us with the huge effort it took to film and depict the life of a family adapting to a changing Zanskar, but we chose Chadar – the Ice Trail“ because of its beautiful story and cinematography.