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„Swiss Border Stories“

John Harlin (USA) - 45 min

Thursday, 11. Nov. 2010 from 19:30 Stefaniensaal       

In June 2010, American author and adventurer John Harlin set out on a three-month journey to follow the entire Swiss border under his own power, a 2,000km odyssey with more than 170,000m of climbing—but tragedy struck early. Barely a week in, he broke both of his feet in a mountaineering accident. The bones now healed, Harlin is resuming his adventures in two installments. First, he paddles the Rhine, cycles around Schaffhausen, and bikes the crest of the Jura before the snow sets in. In early summer 2011, Harlin will return to the Alps, this time travelling clockwise from eastern Switzerland to end near the site of his accident, the Mont Dolent, where the borders of Italy, France and Switzerland all come together.