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Climbing on rock and ice
„Ausgesetzt – Kletterexpedition über dem Polarmeer“

Ausgesetzt – Kletterexpedition über dem Polarmeer

Jochen Schmoll (Deutschland) - 43 min

Thursday, 11. Nov. 2010 from 16:00 Stefaniensaal       

A team of adventurers sets off to a region without tracks in the icy north. There, they are exposed in the true sense of the word. Exposed to the cold, to the dangers and to the unbelievable wideness of Baffin Island, an almost unpopulated island in the north of Canada. The extreme climber Stefan Glowacz and his team struggle across one of the last untouched landscapes on earth. They head for the Quernbitter Fjord. There, some rock faces higher than 1000m rise from the ice, the climbers intend to try a first ascent on one of them.