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Alpine and foreign cultures
„Auf den Spuren der Nomaden (Teil 2): Gottes vergessenes Land“

Auf den Spuren der Nomaden (Teil 2): Gottes vergessenes Land

Tim Cope (Australien) - 43 min

Wednesday, 10. Nov. 2010 from 17:00 Dom im Berg       

Tim Cope, the young Australian adventurer following the footsteps of the great conqueror Genghis Khan has already travelled 1500km on his journey from Mongolia to Hungary and has reached the Altai Mountains in Kazakhstan. In the next months he has to get through 5000km of hard and frozen steppe and the burning hot desert of Central Asia. He makes acquaintance with the Kazak Aset who knows the steppe and all its dangers like no-one else. Aset brings along a companion who will not leave Tim until the end of the journey. Tigon, meaning “Fast Wind”, is a Kazak herding dog. Tim and Aset ride together for ten days, then their ways separate. Tim has to continue all alone in the deep Kazak winter.


Special Prize of the Jury 2010

This epic journey on horse in the footsteps of Genghis Khan was 3 years and 10.000 km in the making. This remarkable effort by a solo adventure filmmaker is sensitively edited to paint a portrait of the land of the nomads.