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„Across - Der Weg ist weiter als das Ziel“

Across - Der Weg ist weiter als das Ziel

Jürgen Gruber 35 min

Wednesday, 10. Nov. 2010 from 17:00 Dom im Berg       

The young Styrian Christoph Strasser is accompanied on his way to the Race Across America and he shows his most intimate feelings. An enormous mental strength and will power are required as is an intensive physical training. All alone, Strasser pushes forward, kilometer after kilometer, from the east coast to the west coast of the USA – all alone with his thoughts. Only he alone can motivate himself mentally. In fact, what is the meaning of “extreme”? Has it something to do with “crazy”? At the end there is one question which decides about the success: body or mind? And isn’t the way far longer than the goal?