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Alpine and foreign cultures
„Auf den Spuren der Nomaden (Teil 1): Die Augen des Wolfes“

Auf den Spuren der Nomaden (Teil 1): Die Augen des Wolfes

Tim Cope (Australien) - 43 min

Tuesday, 09. Nov. 2010 from 20:00 Dom im Berg       

Tim Cope starts his journey on horseback in the former capital Karakorum following the traces of Genghis Khan in Mongolia. This is also the homeland of this legendary warrior. Here one has always traded with horses, and time has always been measured in seasons. The extreme conditions of nature and the endless steppes have given birth to tenacious and astucious warriors. For Tim, who at the beginning of this adventure can’t even ride, this journey becomes a struggle of daily survival. Driven by the dream to learn about the life and culture of the nomads, he sets foot on a lonesome and dangerous way, accompanied by the suggestion of a Mongolian: “If you want to understand the wolf, throw a glance at the head of the wolf, and look through its eyes”.


Special Prize of the Jury 2010

This epic journey on horse in the footsteps of Genghis Khan was 3 years and 10.000 km in the making. This remarkable effort by a solo adventure filmmaker is sensitively edited to paint a portrait of the land of the nomads.