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Details Saturday, 14. Nov. 2009

09:00 | Stefaniensaal Ticket Order
“Die Eroberung der Alpen – Wasserkraft”

For thousands of years, water has powered mills, pumps and tools. However, with the discovery of electricity in the 19th century, water power obtained a completely new meaning. Electricity is the new magic word of industrialisation, electric... more

  Alpine and foreign cultures (D), Hannes Schuler, Daniela Agostini (Deutschland) 45 min
“Der Jensei – ein Leben auf der Flucht”

Jens has been poaching for 40 years. During this time, he has shot almost 1,000 chamois. What had started as a passion and as a rebellion against school, parents and authorities, soon became a true obsession. This good-looking daredevil appeals to... more

  Alpine and foreign cultures (D), August Pflugfelder (Deutschalnd) 43 min
“Le Mystère de la Baleine”

The island of Madre de Dios in Patagonia is nearly uninhabited and almost unexplored. In 2006, a group of scientific cavers discovered the skeleton of a giant whale in the vast entrance of a cave on the shores of the Pacific. The current sea-level... more

  Nature and Environment (F/D), Luc-Henri Fage (Frankreich) 52 min