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Details Friday, 13. Nov. 2009

19:30 | Stefaniensaal Ticket Order
“White Noise”

Skiing is a kind of art – and it is also an art to film the perfect moments of a downhill ride in the deep snow of Alaskan slopes. “White Noise” is a short film without any narration, where music, pictures and sport achievements are melted in one... more

  Adventure (n.v.), Dominique Perret (Schweiz) 12 min

Alexander and Thomas Huber intend - together with the Swiss Stephan Siegrist – to achieve some spectacular first ascents in the Antarctic. Holtanna and Ulevetanna are truly impressive granite giants which tower vertically up to 800 metres over the... more

  Climbing on rock and ice (D), Max Reichel (Deutschland) 52 min
“Birdman of the Karakoram”

Experience the world of extreme altitude paragliding that few humans will ever experience when high altitude paragliding pioneer John Silvester takes Alun Hughes on the tandem flight to end all tandem flights. Committed deep into a remote and... more

  Adventure (E/D), Alun Hughes (Gro) 65 min