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Details Wednesday, 11. Nov. 2009

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“Crossing the Himalaya”

Every year, families of Buddhist yak herders pack their belongings and attempt to escape their mountain homes before winter cuts them off. It is a journey against time and weather. The entire existence of the people known as the Dolpo-pa revolves... more

  Alpine and foreign cultures (E), John Murray (Irland) 50 min
nominiert für einen Preis (2009)
“EcoCrimes – The Tibet Connection”

The Indian tigers are the most popular cats of prey in the world, they are the national symbol of six nations and since more than thirty years they have been severely protected. However, this is exactly the reason, why they are a target of avidity... more

  Nature and Environment (D), Heinz Greuling, Thomas Weidenbach (Deutschland) 52 min
nominiert für einen Preis (2009)