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Program Saturday, 14. Nov. 2009

08:00 - Grazer Congress - Grüner Saal
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08:00 - Congress Graz - Blauer Salon

Details Saturday, 14. Nov. 2009

08:00 | Grazer Congress - Grüner Saal
08:00 “In Flagranti – il fraud en il Grischun”

In total four animals, two chamois, one red deer and a golden eagle were found dead in the Swiss national park. Poachers! This incident led to a coordinated, systematic monitoring of the hunting grounds in Grisons. Last year, seven Italian... more

  Alpine and foreign cultures (Räto/D), Arnold Rauch (Schweiz) 25 min
08:30 “Greina: rediscovered Paradise – lost Paradise”

The history of Greina is very ancient. Its enchanting rocks talk about distant times. A journey through the upland, between myth and reality, a journey through the clashes between Ticinesi and Grigionesi to conquer this marvellous region. A... more

  Nature and Environment (I/E), Michelangelo Gandolfi, Peter Kreiliger (Schweiz) 54 min
09:25 “Manuel und die Wolkenschafe”

Manuel dwells on a farm in South Tyrol. Every year in June, the sheep of the whole region are driven across a pass to the Austrian Ötztal valley. In September, Manuel picks up the sheep together with the other shepherds in order to bring the... more

  Alpine and foreign cultures (D), Sylvia Rothe (Deutschland) 30 min
10:00 “Biberkrieg in Bayern”

By the 1970ies, the beavers had virtually disappeared in huge parts of Europe. Then the first attempts to resettle the animals along the Danube near Vienna were undertaken. Starting from there, the offspring of these animals have conquered new... more

  Nature and Environment (D), Holger Riedel (Deutschland) 52 min
10:55 “Der Frankenjura – Das Klettereldorado Deutschlands”

Far away from the „true mountains“, the Franconian Jura mountains became the cradle of European sports climbing and a promoter of worldwide sports climbing - numerous climbing innovations were invented here. Today already more than 10,000... more

  Climbing on rock and ice (D), Jürgen Eichinger (Deutschland) 44 min
11:40 “Kamtschatka – ein höllisches Paradies”

„Gomules“, gnoms, lurk in the crater caves of the smoking volcanoes. When they are hungry, the hunt whales in the Pacific Ocean, catch the animals with their huge lance-like fingers and roast them on the mighty fires in the craters of the... more

  Nature and Environment (D), Martin Thoma (Deutschland) 15 min
12:00 “Gugara”

Gugara in Evenky language stands for the sound of the bell hanging from a reindeer neck. It’s one of the few sounds you could hear in taiga, but recently there’s almost nothing but silence. The last nomad family has lost their entire herd... more

  Alpine and foreign cultures (Gugara/E), Andrzej Dybczak, Jacek Naglowski (Polen) 68 min
13:10 “Wildes Russland - Der Kaukasus”

The series „Wildes Russland“ shows for the first time the nature of this huge country with its original landscapes and its incomparable fauna and flora. Situated between Europe and Asia, between the Black Sea and the Caspian Sea, enormous mountain... more

  Nature and Environment (D), Tom Synnatzschke (Deutschland) 44 min
13:55 “Destins Croisés (Crossed Destinies)”

Having opened up the world's highest roads, India set about a crazy enterprise. Linking the region of Zanskar by following the course of the river with the same name. If building roads opens up perspectives for some, it eliminates them for... more

  Alpine and foreign cultures (F/E), Guy Cousteix (Frankreich) 51 min
14:50 “Mythos Wald - Teil 2: Der Kampf ums Licht”

The forest is a place which seems familiar, however, some of its secrets still remain undisclosed. The forest is at the same time a paradise for animals as well as a hostile realm of shadows. Meanwhile we slowly realize: a true natural wood needs... more

  Nature and Environment (D), Jan Haft (Deutschland) 43 min
nominiert für einen Preis (2009)
15:35 “In Search of the Legend”

This film is about an outstanding challenge: six young adventurers on board of a small yacht sailing across the Artic. This film is also about something more than that: About meeting unique people fighting for survival according to their own... more

  Adventure (Pol/E), Konstanty Kulik (Polen) 47 min
16:25 “Der ewige Kampf – Fluss und Meer im Podelta”

Italy’s longest river, the Po, has created one of the biggest deltas in Europe at its estuary. Where river and sea meet, there is an eternal struggle going on for the new land. For a long time, the river was able to resist against the sea by... more

  Nature and Environment (D), Günther Bludszuweit (Deutschland) 44 min
17:10 “Neuseelands Fjorde”

The land of the fjords is located in the south west of New Zealand. Once a year, conservationists navigate on the roads of water to those islands, which usually are barred from visitors. Here the dream of many conservationists in New Zealand has... more

  Nature and Environment (D), Lothar Zimmermann (Deutschland) 43 min
17:55 “Europas wilder Osten - Der Nationalpark Lagodechi in Georgien”

Ever since the times of the Zars, the national park Lagodechi on the southern side of the Caucasus has been a protected area. In addition to many other animals which live in the high mountains, the east Caucasian ibex is looked after carefully. In... more

  Nature and Environment (D), Matthias Freude (Deutschland) 43 min
18:40 “The Small Kingdom of Lo”

In a region that seems to extend into immenseness, where nothing but the wind interrupts the silence, man and nature meet at the rhythm of an archaic life. Starting from simple actions of daily routine, the three main characters talk about dreams,... more

  Alpine and foreign cultures (Tib/D), Giuseppe Tedeschi (Italien) 65 min
09:00 | Stefaniensaal Ticket Order
“Die Eroberung der Alpen – Wasserkraft”

For thousands of years, water has powered mills, pumps and tools. However, with the discovery of electricity in the 19th century, water power obtained a completely new meaning. Electricity is the new magic word of industrialisation, electric... more

  Alpine and foreign cultures (D), Hannes Schuler, Daniela Agostini (Deutschland) 45 min
“Der Jensei – ein Leben auf der Flucht”

Jens has been poaching for 40 years. During this time, he has shot almost 1,000 chamois. What had started as a passion and as a rebellion against school, parents and authorities, soon became a true obsession. This good-looking daredevil appeals to... more

  Alpine and foreign cultures (D), August Pflugfelder (Deutschalnd) 43 min
“Le Mystère de la Baleine”

The island of Madre de Dios in Patagonia is nearly uninhabited and almost unexplored. In 2006, a group of scientific cavers discovered the skeleton of a giant whale in the vast entrance of a cave on the shores of the Pacific. The current sea-level... more

  Nature and Environment (F/D), Luc-Henri Fage (Frankreich) 52 min
09:30 | Steiermarksaal Ticket Order
“Mystische Plätze in Österreich – der Untersberg”

The Untersberg holds a mystic power within, and humans who live there are fascinated by this mountain. Father Schmatzberger is intrigued by the natural power of this mountain. He follows the footsteps of the legendary Lazarus Gitschner who once... more

  Alpine and foreign cultures (D), Lisa Eder, Richard Ladkani (Deutschland) 30 min
“Les Nomades du Cercle Polaire”

The treeless tundra at the Polar Circle is a wide and lonely landscape. Men round up a huge reindeer herd. They belong to the people of the Komi. Together with their 5,000 animals they have spent the summer in the vast valleys of the Ural, a... more

  Alpine and foreign cultures (R/D), Andreas Voigt (Deutschland) 52 min
“Kamtschatka – Kochende Erde”

The volcanologist Ludmilla Ossipenko lives in Petropawlowsk, the largest city of Kamchatka. Located here is the leading scientific volcano institute of Soviet times, for whose magazine Ludmilla is working. Together with a team of researchers,... more

  Nature and Environment (D), Wolfgang Mertin (Deutschland) 52 min
14:00 | Stefaniensaal Ticket Order
“Paradise found – Sounding Landscapes”

A young sound-designer joins an expedition to the high arctic. He wants to register sounds in the wilderness of the remote islands of Franz Josef Land, because only a few humans can experience them live. Soon he notices that the various sounds and... more

  Adventure (D), Helmut Voitl 60 min
“Beruf: Abenteurer”

Since years, Thomas Ulrich has been looking for the ultimate adventure. This filmmaker and extreme athlete is portrayed on his latest expedition to the Arctic ice and in private, together with his wife and his three daughters. This time, the man... more

  Adventure (D), Helen Stehli Pfister (Schweiz) 50 min
“Wilder Balkan”

Deep gorges, vast swamplands, dense forests – the south eastern part of Europe is wild and pristine. The violent story of the Balkan has obstructed the view to the treasure of this country for thousands of years. “Wilder Balkan” invites the... more

  Nature and Environment (D), Michael Schlamberger 50 min
14:30 | Steiermarksaal Ticket Order
“Die Bändigung des Löwenflusses”

The Rondu canyon of the river Indus in the Pakistan province Baltistan, runs through a wild and extremely deep gorge between the highest peaks of the Karakoram mountains. Among kayak experts, this canyon is as infamous as the notorious 8,000 m... more

  Adventure (D), Olaf Obsommer (Deutschland) 60 min

Karl was a mountaineer that had something to say - and he was telling it. In July 2008 the tragic death of Karl Unterkircher during the expedition to Nanga Parbat seems already script writing. It was the end of an unique personality in alpine... more

  Alpine Documentation (I/E), Valeria Allievi (Italien) 55 min
“20 Seconds of Joy”

In her 33 years as a free-skier and B.A.S.E.-jumper Karina Hollekim is notorious for pushing fear in the face and taking her adrenalin to the limit. That was, until a failed parachute jump took her into uncharted territory. The film team has been... more

  Adventure (E/D), Jens Hoffmann (Deutschland) 60 min
19:00 | Stefaniensaal Ticket Order
Presentation of Awards
08:00 | Congress Graz - Blauer Salon
08:00 “Red Gold”

The Bristol Bay region of Alaska is home to the Kvichak and Nushagak rivers, the two most prolific sockeye salmon runs left in the world. Now, two foreign mining companies have partnered to develop one of the world’s largest open-pit and... more

  Nature and Environment (E), Travis Rummel, Ben Knight (USA) 60 min
09:05 “Hüttenwirte – Schamanen vom Untersberg”

The Untersberg is one of the most mystic and legendary mountains of the Alps. The Imperator Charlemagne is said to sleep inside the mountain, phantasmal beings are supposed to dwell there, and even the Dalai Lama once so say called this mountain... more

  Alpine and foreign cultures (D), Susanne Roser (Deutschland) 30 min
09:40 “Baruntse Makalu Expedition 2008”

It is not enough just knowing – one has to implement the knowledge! It is not enough just wanting something – you have to do it! It is not just about reaching a summit, but also about returning safely. more

  Alpine Documentation (D), Peter Gschwentner, Kony Schnydrig (Schweiz) 55 min
10:40 “Der Baum des Lebens”

It is rather dangerous to walk under palm trees in Sri Lanka. For there quite a lot of people die because of falling coconuts. Nevertheless, the coconut palm is called “tree of life” on this island. Why this is so, is explained in this film... more

  Nature and Environment (D), Peter Weinert (Deutschland) 44 min
11:20 “Am Großvenediger”

With its 3,660 metres, the Großvenediger is the fourth highest mountain of Austria. The world seems to be frozen and stiff in the eternal world of ice, however, everything here is changing and developing. The mountain guide Emil Widmann has given... more

  Alpine and foreign cultures (D), Philipp Clarin (Deutschland) 44 min
12:05 “Im Zauberwald – Die Eiben von Paterzell”

The yew forest at Paterzell is one of the oldest nature protection areas in Bavaria. The wild forest on the foothills of the Alps contains the certainly greatest number of yew-trees in Germany and, literally spoken, is quite something. Whoever... more

  Nature and Environment (D), Kai Schubert (Deutschland) 45 min
12:55 “Living is Victory”

Nepal, Annapurna's South Face, 8091 m high. The wall that seduced Jean Troillet and his team. A two month expedition to attempt to climb the 3000 m elegant Bonington route. Every day the climbers tame the mountain. They observe the face and its... more

  Alpine Documentation (F/E), Sébastien Devrient (Schweiz) 26 min
13:25 “Expedition Manaslu”

In fall 2007 extreme alpinists Benedikt Böhm and Sebastian Haag took off to Nepal to climb „Manaslu“ (8,163 m). Accompanied by the French junior alpinist Nicolas Bonnet they wanted to reach the eighth highest peak of the planet at top speed and... more

  Alpine Documentation (D), Carsten Maaz (Deutschland) 29 min
13:55 “Sägefische – Neptuns vergessene Kinder”

Although they can grow to a length of up to eight metres, and although their saw is one of the most spectacular weapons within the fauna, we know almost nothing about sawfish. This is the reason why: before one could begin to explore them, the... more

  Nature and Environment (D), Florian Guthknecht (Deutschland) 44 min
14:45 “In Nansens Footsteps (Teil 2)”

In 1895 Fridtjof Nansen and Hjalmar Johansen headed for the North Pole. Miraculously they arrived at Vardø the following year. The story has enthralled people for more than a century, and continues to do so today. For the first time Nansen’s... more

  Adventure (Nor/E), Tore Rosshaug (Norwegen) 52 min
15:40 “Operation Tiefsee”

Giving an insight into thrilling projects on the whole world and into the current standards of deep sea research, this film proves that there are still many things to be explored on our planet. It shows that the unknown deep-sea world has always... more

  Nature and Environment (D), Annette und Klaus Scheurich (Deutschland) 43 min
16:25 “New Zealand South Island Circumnavigation”

A gritty, edge-of-your-seat portrayal of a couple’s battle against the elements while kayaking 2,400 km around the South island of New Zealand. Justine and Barry struggle into 40knot headwinds, are thrown around in crashing surf and cope with... more

  Adventure (E), Justine Curgenven (Gro) 48 min
17:15 “Menschen im Karst – Leben zwischen Himmel und Hölle”

For a long time, the karst area has been the most hostile place between Vienna and Triest. Its underground consists of huge cave domes, is divided by torrential rivers and has influenced Dante’s idea of hell. This film presents nature and humans,... more

  Nature and Environment (D), Kurt Mayer 51 min
18:10 “Spirit of Ski - Chapter 3”

Together with his friends, the freerider Stefan Häusl conquers several Alpine challenges and gives an insight into what motivates him and where his drive comes from. The spectacular first rides, the beauty of the Alpine regions, the fascinating... more

  Adventure (D), Stefan Tauber 33 min
18:45 “Old Man Peter”

This film takes us into the world of old man Peter Sengepov, the last surviving Shaman of the Kazym River, who lives alone in the depths of the Siberian taiga. The region of the Khanty people is the basic source of oil recovery in Russia. The oil... more

  Alpine and foreign cultures (R/E), Ivan Golovnev (Russland) 26 min
19:15 “Mike und die Wege der Elefanten”

For Michael Chase it has always been an overwhelming experience to be close to the grey giants. Since years, he has equipped the elephants with neckbands plus transmitter in order to explore their hiking paths. With its approximately 130,000... more

  Nature and Environment (D), Cornelia Volk (Deutschland) 45 min