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“Kamtschatka – ein höllisches Paradies”

Kamtschatka – ein höllisches Paradies

Martin Thoma (Deutschland) - 15 min

Saturday, 14. Nov. 2009 from 08:00 Grazer Congress - Grüner Saal       

„Gomules“, gnoms, lurk in the crater caves of the smoking volcanoes. When they are hungry, the hunt whales in the Pacific Ocean, catch the animals with their huge lance-like fingers and roast them on the mighty fires in the craters of the volcanoes. A legend, a myth – however: up to 200 years ago, the aboriginal inhabitants of Kamchatka were unable to explain their unsecure living space in a rational way. With its more than 160 volcanoes, numerous geysers and sulphur lakes, this sabre-like peninsula is like a gigantic tinderbox on the eastern end of the world.