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Alpine and foreign cultures
“The last Nomads”

The last Nomads

Andy Gregg (Kanada) - 54 min

Thursday, 12. Nov. 2009 from 14:00 Congress Graz - Blauer Salon       

Canadian anthropologist and linguist Ian Mackenzie can speak 11 languages - one of them Penan, the language of the people of the Borneo rainforest. It’s a language in peril, as is the Penan culture. Their forest home is being cut down around them - the Malaysian government has handed out timber leases that will soon denude the traditional Penan home.


Special Prize of the Jury 2009

Since years, successful mountaineers, explorers and adventurers have also become a subject of political appropriation. By awarding the film “The Last Nomads” we – the jury – try to communicate to you – the audience – the idea and the message of this film, in order to carry it into the world. The outcry of the almost forgotten Penan people, must be heard. We only can hope that our statement will be considered by the responsible persons.