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Alpine and foreign cultures
“Les Nomades du Cercle Polaire”

Les Nomades du Cercle Polaire

Andreas Voigt (Deutschland) - 52 min

Saturday, 14. Nov. 2009 from 09:30 Steiermarksaal       

The treeless tundra at the Polar Circle is a wide and lonely landscape. Men round up a huge reindeer herd. They belong to the people of the Komi. Together with their 5,000 animals they have spent the summer in the vast valleys of the Ural, a region which has approximately the size of Germany and France together. Only 500,000 people live here, and an equal number of reindeers. Now the Komi are trekking with their herds across the mountains of the Ural, from Europe to Asia, as they do every year. 400 transport animals draw their 50 sledges. On the sledges they have packed everything they need for their life under the sky. They depend solely on the well-being of their animals and from the eternal circle of nature.