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Climbing on rock and ice
“The Sharp End”

The Sharp End

Peter Mortimer, Nick Rosen (USA) - 60 min

Friday, 13. Nov. 2009 from 20:00 Steiermarksaal       

“The Sharp End” is a film about the climbers who push themselves to the limits of adventure, and risk everything on the razor's edge between success and disaster. Run out trad routes, scary high-ball boulder problems, ice-covered alpine walls and all-or-nothing free-solo ascents form the crucibles in which these climbers push through their fear and discover the uncertain consequences that lie on the other side. The film follows many of the leading rock athletes to stunning locals across the globe: Italian Alps, the sandstone spires of the Czech Republic, Yosemite Valley, the Utah Desert, and the Colorado Rockies.


Kamera Alpin in Gold 2009

In this film we experience the access to a new dimension in climbing. The world’s best climbers live the original dream of any mountaineer, that is, to “fly away” in particularly difficult situations. This is a fascinating film which implements the high level of filming and climbing in a technically thrilling way.