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Nature and Environment
“Wildes Russland - Kamtschatka”

Christian Baumeister (Deutschland) - 44 min

Friday, 13. Nov. 2009 from 15:00 Steiermarksaal       

The series „Wildes Russland“ shows for the first time the nature of this huge country with its original landscapes and its incomparable fauna and flora. On the peninsula Kamchatka, fire meets ice. The land constantly reforms itself, in a dramatic circle of creation and destruction, as if nature has not yet decided what to do. Twenty different climate zones overlap each other. Next to the glaciers, volcanoes continue to smoke and several metres high snow drifts border boiling hot geysers. Despite the capricious nature, the local fauna is used to a certain comfort. The wagtails find “heated” children’s rooms and the bears love to take a bath in the thermal waters. Even the rare giant sea eagle lives here, and in the sea, the orcas and pot whales find exuberant nutrition.