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“Im Höllenloch der Schöpfung - Die Danakil Wüste in Äthiopien”

Im Höllenloch der Schöpfung - Die Danakil Wüste in Äthiopien

Peter Weinert, Wolfgang Uhl (Deutschland) - 43 min

Friday, 13. Nov. 2009 from 15:00 Steiermarksaal       

The Danakil desert in the north east of Ethiopia counts among the most hostile and hottest areas in the world, with temperatures of often 60°C and more. This lowland, a dried branch of the Red Sea is situated up to 150 metres below sea level and it belongs to the most active volcanic regions on earth. Nevertheless approximately 130,000 persons from the Afar tribe live there. They are the owners of the soil which contains the “white gold” of the Danakil: salt. The almost blind, eighty year-old Hadschi Ali Mohammed leads a caravan for the last time. For three days, we accompany the salt transport with camels across the desert.