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“EcoCrimes – The Tibet Connection”

EcoCrimes – The Tibet Connection

Heinz Greuling, Thomas Weidenbach (Deutschland) - 52 min

Wednesday, 11. Nov. 2009 from 22:00 Schubertkino       

The Indian tigers are the most popular cats of prey in the world, they are the national symbol of six nations and since more than thirty years they have been severely protected. However, this is exactly the reason, why they are a target of avidity and craving for recognition. Those tigers are being hunted like never before. For a long time, one considered the poaching as the actions of lone operators, and one believed that pleas and good will would help to get the illegal commerce of tiger products under control. For the manipulators this is a question of millions, for the Indian tiger it is a question of surviving.


Lobende Erwähnung 2009

Suspenseful like a thriller, this documentary uncovers how the greed for money drives men to almost extinguish threatened animal species without any scruples.