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Alpine Documentation
“Rund um die 3 Zinnen”

Josef Schwellensattl (Deutschland) - 43 min

Wednesday, 11. Nov. 2009 from 15:00 Schubertkino       

Mutzen Sepp is the host of the Langalm pasture, at the foot of the Drei Zinnen. Hugo Reider is the host of the Dreizinnen hut, the Rifugio Locatelli. He is a passionate explorer of ludicrous war incidents which happened during the first World War around the Drei Zinnen. In January 1963, Reiner Kauschke together with two companions climbed the north face on the Große Zinne via the “Direttissima”, the line of a falling drop. They had to spend 17 days in the wall then, with temperatures of minus 30 degrees. The film tells about the passions of these three men and depicts an image of this myth of stone.