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“Die Reise nach Kafiristan”

Fosco Dubini, Donatello Dubini (Deutschland/Germany) - 100 min

This drama documentary deals with the life of two extraordinary women who, in 1939, set off together to travel by car from Geneva to Kabul. Each woman is in pursuit of an idea. The writer Annemarie Schwarzenbach, who in the 1930s belonged to the circle of friends of Erika and Klaus Mann, is looking for an escape point in order to find herself in the middle East. Her goal is the “lucky valley” where she hopes to heal her internal psychological and external political devastation. The ethnologist Ella Maillart from Geneva justifies her restlessness and her addiction to movement with a scientific pretext. Her goal is to explore the mythic valley of Kafiristan, which has become famous through publications about the archaic life of nomads. The journey of the two women is a flight from which their own backgrounds and the political events of the time give them no chance of escape. The confrontation with the foreign environment inevitably leads them to confront their own reflection in the other woman. After arriving in Kabul, the Second World War breaks out.