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Alpine Documentation
Climbing on Rock and Ice
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Details Thursday, 13. Nov. 2008

14:00 | Congress Graz - Blauer Salon
Alle FestivalbesucherInnen können mit einer gelösten Karte des betreffenden Tages die Filme im Blauen Salon sehen. >> further information of the „Blauer Salon“
14:00 “Die Pioniere der korsischen Berge”

Irmtraud Hubatschek and Joel Jenin want to look for the footsteps of the mountaineering pioneers of Corsica. In addition to the explorer Felix von Cube they find famous names coming from all of over Europe, among them numerous well-known... more

  Alpine Documentation (D), Joel Jenin, Irmtraud Hubatschek (Frankreich) 53 min
14:55 “Postbote im Himalaya”

„Never marry someone from Dankhar“, people in the Himalayas say, „up there, life is too hard“. At an altitude of 4.000m the village Dankhar majestically overlooks the Spiti valley. Here, in the wasteland near the Indian border to Tibet, the... more

  Alpine and foreign cultures (D), Ines Possemeyer (Deutschland) 52 min
15:50 “Ayu Lhamo - Die Schamanin vom Dach der Welt”

Since China’s occupation of Tibet, Ladakh, the „Land of the High Passes“ in the north of India has remained the last refuge of the Tibetan high culture. In the village Saboo the 82 –year old shaman Ayu Lhamo lives, a legendary oracle healer... more

  Alpine and foreign cultures (D), Fritz Baumann (Deutschland) 45 min
16:35 “Heimat Gondo – Ein Dorf nach der Katastrophe”

The mountain village Gondo is located on the south side of the Alps, in the Swiss canton Wallis, on the foot of the Simplon pass on the border to Italy. On October 14, 2000, an avalanche of stones, mud and water flooded the small mountain village... more

  Alpine and foreign cultures (D), Hilde Bechert (Deutschland) 43 min
17:20 “Legacy: Austria’s Influence on American Skiing - Hannes Schneider & His Disciples”

This award-winning film is about how Hannes Schneider became known as the “Father of Modern Alpine Skiing” by starting his famous ski school and ski shop in St. Anton, Austria in the early 1900s and then spreading awareness of alpine skiing... more

  Alpine and foreign cultures (E), Ian Scully (USA) 56 min
18:20 “Haramosh 1958”

On March 28th 1958, a delegation of the Austrian Himalaya Society was dispatched to an expedition to Pakistan to make the first ascent of the Haramosh peak (7,409 m / 24,307 ft), the peak that a team of english alpinists tried to climb the year... more

  Alpine Documentation (D), Thomas Zeller 21 min
18:45 “Everest: A Climb for Peace”

Everest: A Climb for Peace is not just a typical Everest film, but a socially relevant documentary about peace, war, and the human spirit - an inspirational film, which also has some of the most incredible Everest footage ever shot, including a... more

  Alpine Documentation (E), Lance Trumbull (USA) 63 min
19:50 “Gipfel der Genüsse - Die Hohe Tatra in der Slowakei”

Even nowadays, porters carry the food to the alpine huts in the High Tatra in the north east of Slovakia. Carrying provisions has a long tradition and it corresponds to the living culture which is marked by freedom and independency. Viktor Beranek... more

  Alpine and foreign cultures (D), Winfried Lachauer (Deutschland) 43 min
20:40 “Optimistic?”

In the first winter to show the undeniable effects of global warming, Absinthe Films has explored the effects of a changing planet. For those who live to snowboard, these changes can be perceived as impossible challenges or creative opportunities... more

  Adventure (n.v.), Justin Hostynek, Patrick Armbruster (Schweiz) 45 min
21:30 “Action Directe”

The „Action Directe“ in the Franconian Jura Mountains was the first route of an 11th difficulty degree. In 1991, Wolfgang Güllich succeeded in the first ascent, and until now, only 9 climbers have managed to repeat the climb. One of them, and the... more

  Climbing on rock and ice (D), Johannes Mair 17 min
21:45 “Freediving with Killer Whales”

Freediving is diving only with a mask and a snorkel. For years it has been a dream of Stig Aavall Severinsen, World Champion in this discipline, to dive and interact with the beautiful and mesmerizing Killer Whales. Stig takes the viewer deep down... more

  Nature and Environment (E), Eskil Hardt (D) 26 min
22:15 “The Great Warming”

In „The Great Warming“, Keanu Reeves and Alanis Morissette present an alarming snapshot of our planet which is endangered by the impending climate change. Through real life stories they document how our living space is threatened by the increasing... more

  Nature and Environment (D), Michael Taylor (Deutschland) 83 min