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Alpine Documentation
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Details Saturday, 15. Nov. 2008

14:00 | Stefaniensaal Ticket Order
“LMA: Nepal – Im Land der Sherpa”

Dorje Sherpa is seven years old, lives in the small Nepalese village Bengka, and he wishes to see the highest mountains in the world. Together with his father and great-grandfather he sets off on a journey through fascinating landscapes, passing... more

  Alpine and foreign cultures (D), Peter Weinert, Dieter Glogowski (Deutschland) 45 min
“Das versunkene Tal - der Rottachsee”

Many things have changed within the last decades in the valley Rottachtal. However, few and far between one still can discover some leftovers of ancient times. This film depicts how this area has changed throughout the years, an area, where the... more

  Nature and Environment (D), Fridolin Baur (Deutschland) 43 min
“The Tangaroa Expedition”

Throughout his life Olav Heyerdahl has been listening to stories of his grandfathers famous Kon-Tiki expedition. Now he is going to play his own part in the continuing saga. 60 years after the historic Kon-Tiki, another balsa wood raft set sail... more

  Adventure (Nor/E), Haarvard Jenssen, Anders Berg (Norwegen) 58 min