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Alpine Documentation
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Details Saturday, 15. Nov. 2008

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“Messners Alpen - Von Monaco zum Mont Blanc”

Reinhold Messner travels from high density areas in Monaco, through the wild and deserted Italian-French Western Alps and up to the north to the summit of the Mont Blanc. Only a few kilometres away from the luxurious metropolis, he reaches... more

  Nature and Environment (D), Herbert Habersack (Deutschland) 43 min
“Felssturz – Wenn die Berge brüchig werden”

The continous decrease of permafrost in the Alps has a catastrophic impact on the durability of the mountains. If the ice melts, the mountain loses its stability, the stone becomes poriferous und this results in great rock slides and spectacular... more

  Nature and Environment (D), Andrea Hauner (Deutschland) 29 min
“Höhenflug - Eine Expedition ans südliche Ende der Welt”

Twelve young and gifted alpinists, five geologists and four top-notch mountain guides dare a unique expedition in Patagonia. On behalf of the researchers the young alpinists get rock samples from the up to 1000-meter high granite spires of the... more

  Alpine Documentation (D), Roman Droux (Schweiz) 52 min