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Details Friday, 14. Nov. 2008

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“Tibet - Reise durch ein verbotenes Land: Das Geheimnis des heiligen Berges”

Almost 60 years after the Chinese occupation, Tibet is still a „Forbidden Land“ just like in former times. The film crew managed to travel into Tibetan regions which usually are not accessible for journalists. They used the original diaries of... more

  Adventure (D), Steffen Bayer (Deutschland) 44 min
“Birthplace of the Winds”

A three-week-long journey delivered us to one of the loneliest and least known spots on Earth halfway between Russia and Alaska, where the Pacific Ocean and the Bering Sea collide at what the Aleuts called the Birthplace of the Winds. Our goal was... more

  Adventure (E), Jon Bowermaster (USA) 25 min

In a remote region in Southern Venezuela towers the table mountain Acopan Tepui with its 700 m steep rock face dropping off vertically into the rainforest. Inaccessible and unexplored, this north face constitutes the dream goal of the professional... more

  Adventure (D), Jochen Schmoll (Deutschland) 43 min
“Dringo i'r Eitha' (Climbing to the Limits)”

He’s only been climbing for a year, but is already regarded as the one of the best British climbers for his age. The film portrays the Welsh climber Ioan Doyle, age 16, as he races through the grades to reach E5 in his first summer of rock... more

  Climbing on rock and ice (Welsh/E), Alun Hughes (Gro) 49 min
nominiert für einen Preis (2008)