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Alpine Documentation
Climbing on Rock and Ice
Nature and Environment
Alpine and foreign Cultures

Details Wednesday, 12. Nov. 2008

15:00 | Schubertkino Ticket Order
“Das Abenteuer der Eisbärenkinder”

The Arctic is one of the most hostile regions on earth. Hidden in a deep ice cave, a female ice bear is waiting for the winter to end. She has given birth to her offspring: triplets! – which is quite rare. After having spent more than five months... more

  Nature and Environment (D), Thomas Behrend (Deutschland) 45 min
“Die Traun – Ein Fluss wie ein Kristall”

The Traun is not just an ordinary river. The Traun forms the central axis of a multiple water system: thunderous englacial streams, waterfalls, seventy-six lakes, numerous sources of all kinds, cave waters, calm meadowlands, thousands of... more

  Nature and Environment (D), Klaus Feichtenberger, Erich Pröll 52 min