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Details Wednesday, 12. Nov. 2008

17:00 | Dom im Berg Ticket Order
“Portrait of a Serial Jumper”

The Norwegian André Bach is one of the pioneers of the international base jumping scene and started, like the most of them, as a reckless young man who had only one focus: B.A.S.E. jumping. In “Portrait of a Serial Jumper” Bach describes how his... more

  Adventure (E), Matthias Thönnissen (Deutschland) 11 min
“presence: 40 days in Greenland”

We spent 40 days in west coastline of Greenland. Kayaking in the fjords, looking for slopes with our own eyes, reading the weather and ski. We have done our best with our own strength in a very natural environment. It was a simple structure... more

  Adventure (Jap/E), Masaki Sekiguchi (Japan) 15 min
“Champions take nothing”

„First it wasn’t called ‘acro’, it was only called crazy stuff,“ says legendary pilot Richard Gallon about the rise of the paragliding aerobatics, one of the most edging mountain sports these days. The film shows the big battle between the new... more

  Adventure (E), Andras Kollmann (Ungarn) 61 min