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Alpine Documentation
Climbing on Rock and Ice
Nature and Environment
Alpine and foreign Cultures

Program Friday, 14. Nov. 2008

Details Friday, 14. Nov. 2008

13:00 | Grazer Congress - Grüner Saal
Alle FestivalbesucherInnen können mit einer gelösten Karte des betreffenden Tages die Filme im Blauen Salon sehen. >> further information of the „Blauer Salon“
13:00 “Antarktis voraus! Ein Segeltörn ins ewige Eis”

Without any doubt the Antarctic is the most remote land on our planet. The threemaster “Europa” glides through a magic world of fantastic ice sculptures, in a mystic light along majestic rock faces. After 30 years, this is the first big sailing... more

  Nature and Environment (D), Roland Gockel (Deutschland) 43 min
13:45 “Lhasa – Im Herzen Tibets”

At 3,700 m Tibet’s capital Lhasa (”God’s place” in English) is very close to heaven. There is probably no other city in the world where religion and politics, belief and culture, worship and daily routine are as closely interwoven as in Lhasa... more

  Alpine and foreign cultures (D), Anne Worst (Deutschland) 52 min
14:40 “ELEMENTS - Ein Slackline Abenteuer”

This documentary follows a group of slack liners walking their lines. The film shows harmless slack lining above the ground as well as advanced slack lining across the crevasses of Mont Blanc and the legendary Lost Arrow Spire in Yosemite National... more

  Adventure (D), Sebastian Runschke (Deutschland) 60 min
15:50 “Trip Box 3”

This semi animated science fiction movie presents two gamers in the year 2061. They use the trip box game device to travel through alternative realities, playing various extreme sport scenes. The Game is like a big system with a lot of connected... more

  Adventure (F/E), Dino Raffault (Frankreich) 10 min
16:00 “Messners Alpen - Von Wien nach Südtirol”

On his journey from Vienna to his homeland South Tyrol, Reinhold Messner first travels through the cold Eastern Alps. Full of spirits, Sepp Holzer, the “rebel farmer”, demonstrates how you can let nature work for you in mixed cultivation. On his... more

  Nature and Environment (D), Herbert Habersack (Deutschland) 43 min
16:45 “Der Ätna”

The inhabitants of Sicily call the 3350 metre high Mount Etna “Mongibello”, the mountain of the mountains. Almost every eruption changes its altitude. Since everything is under constant change, the mountain guides, such as Alfio Mazzaglia, have to... more

  Nature and Environment (D), Manfred Kessler (Deutschland) 9 min
14:30 | Steiermarksaal Ticket Order
“Tibet - Reise durch ein verbotenes Land: Das Geheimnis des heiligen Berges”

Almost 60 years after the Chinese occupation, Tibet is still a „Forbidden Land“ just like in former times. The film crew managed to travel into Tibetan regions which usually are not accessible for journalists. They used the original diaries of... more

  Adventure (D), Steffen Bayer (Deutschland) 44 min
“Birthplace of the Winds”

A three-week-long journey delivered us to one of the loneliest and least known spots on Earth halfway between Russia and Alaska, where the Pacific Ocean and the Bering Sea collide at what the Aleuts called the Birthplace of the Winds. Our goal was... more

  Adventure (E), Jon Bowermaster (USA) 25 min

In a remote region in Southern Venezuela towers the table mountain Acopan Tepui with its 700 m steep rock face dropping off vertically into the rainforest. Inaccessible and unexplored, this north face constitutes the dream goal of the professional... more

  Adventure (D), Jochen Schmoll (Deutschland) 43 min
“Dringo i'r Eitha' (Climbing to the Limits)”

He’s only been climbing for a year, but is already regarded as the one of the best British climbers for his age. The film portrays the Welsh climber Ioan Doyle, age 16, as he races through the grades to reach E5 in his first summer of rock... more

  Climbing on rock and ice (Welsh/E), Alun Hughes (Gro) 49 min
nominiert für einen Preis (2008)
15:30 | Kammermusiksaal Ticket Order
“Matterhorn Magie – Leben am Viertausender”

This documentary is not about the famous idyllic pictures of the silhouette of the Matterhorn that we know from post cards showing the impressive 4000 m high mountain at its best. Instead, it tells striking stories about people who have a very... more

  Alpine and foreign cultures (D), Tina Radke-Gerlach (Deutschland) 45 min
“Herdswoman - Herdenleben”

Herdswoman is about three Sami women to whom reindeer herding is more than a mere occupation. It is a way of life, their culture. Aina, Elisabeth and Lisa belong to different generations. Their stories reflect life in Sápmi (Lapland) and the... more

  Alpine and foreign cultures (Sami+Swe/D), Kine Boman (Schweden) 58 min
“The Towers of Paine – Ist Ascent of the Central Tower”

In October 1962 a very strong climbing team of Don Whillans, Chris Bonington, Barrie Page, John Streetly, Derek Walker and film maker Vic Bray left Britain sailing from Liverpool for the 10,000 mile journey to distant Patagonia. Little did they... more

  Climbing on rock and ice (E), Vic Bray, Leo Dickinson (Gro) 27 min
“Grab in eisigen Höhen”

Pakistan, July 8, 2006. The last photography. Euphoricly, the Tyrolean Markus Kronthaler rises his arms to the sky. He stands on the summit of the 8047 meter high Broad Peak. A few moments later he collapses and dies – for exhaustion and lack of... more

  Alpine Documentation (D), Karsten Scheuren (Deutschland) 65 min
16:00 | Stefaniensaal Ticket Order
“Passion for Limits” (außer Konkurrenz)

No one has pushed the limits as often as Reinhold Messner has. On the rock, on the 8000m peaks, and in the ice deserts of our planet. In his lecture he talks about his youth in the Dolomites, about the Himalayas, the North Pole, Greenland and his... more

  Alpine Documentation (D), Reinhold Messner (Italien) 60 min
“Steinzeit - Über die Alpen wie Ötzi”

In the middle of the rainy August 2006, two men set off on an extraordinary expedition. Ingo Schuster, 51, and Henning Fenner, 35, want to cross the Alps – however in the same way as their predecessors of the New Stone Age did, wearing their... more

  Adventure (D), Harold Woetzel (Deutschland) 89 min
19:30 | Stefaniensaal Ticket Order
“Des hommes sur la montagne”

In order to become a High Mountain Guide, each year new candidates with a great passion for mountains start the ENSA, the National School of Ski and Mountaineering, located in Chamonix. During 4 years of formation, they learn how to guide people... more

  Alpine Documentation (F/D), Didier Hill-Derive (Belgien) 54 min
“UpsideDown Wales”

George Smith - upsidedown guru and arch obsessive leads us on a remarkable journey into his wonderful world - a journey with attitude and character. A lifelong epic of the most trivial proportions, - humour finally triumphant over gravity. more

  Climbing on rock and ice (Welsh/E), Alun Hughes (Gro) 50 min
nominiert für einen Preis (2008)
“Play Gravity”

One often hears extreme sports athletes say "Gravity sucks" or "No Gravity". There are people who would not agree, because without gravity their kind of sports would not exist. The snowboarder Ueli Kestenholz and the paragliding Mathias Roten love... more

  Adventure (D), Samuel Gyger (Schweiz) 52 min
20:00 | Steiermarksaal Ticket Order
“Baffin, l'île aux enfants”

In 2002, International Polar Year, six mountain climbers, good pals, travelled above the Arctic Circle to discover northwestern Nunavut in Canada: twenty-seven degrees below zero Celsius, a lost land of ice…and getting there was no easy task! They... more

  Climbing on rock and ice (F/E), Sam Beaugey (Frankreich) 40 min
“Die Basejumper von Lauterbrunnen. Sportler, Spinner, Süchtige”

Lauterbrunnen in the Bernese Oberland is one of the most attractive places for BASE jumpers in the world. The documentary portrays the small Swiss village of Lauterbrunnen by making different voices heard: A pastor whose church is situated... more

  Adventure (D), Michael Bühler (Schweiz) 47 min
nominiert für einen Preis (2008)
“Der stille Fall”

“Der stille Fall” is the portrait of Mike Schönherr, a 34-year-old basejumper from Ziller Valley (Austria). We follow the extreme athlete on his adventures in the air and get an insight into the way in which he experiences the world. The film... more

  Adventure (D), Harry Putz 30 min
“To Hell and Back”

In August 2007 Dave MacLeod wrote “Yesterday was the scariest day of my life, and the end of the scariest ten days of my life. The impending climb on Hell’s Lum crag was hanging over me like a guillotine. It’s the most dangerous lead I’ve ever... more

  Climbing on rock and ice (E), Richard Else (Gro) 48 min
20:30 | Kammermusiksaal Ticket Order
“Red Bull Jungfrau-Stafette 2007”

From Zurich across the Alps and back to Zurich, 500 km on one single day, on foot, mountain bikes, skis, motorcycles, in sports cars and airplanes. The Red Bull race had its premiere in 1931. After 68 years, it celebrated its resurrection in 2007,... more

  Adventure (D), Alec Wohlgroth (Schweiz) 38 min
“3 Peaks 3 Weeks”

A team of 10 women from Australia and the USA come together to attempt to climb three of Africa’s highest peaks - Mt Kenya (5,199m), Mt Meru (4,666m), and Mt Kilimanjaro (5,893m) - in less than three weeks. The women have to come to terms with... more

  Adventure (E/D), Michael Brown (USA) 52 min
“Mountain - Central Scotland”

Griff Rhys Jones visits what was once Britains’ “badlands“ when he explores the highlands of Central Scotland. He unearths the bloody history of the stunning Grampian Mountains, discovers, how the unruly peoples of these hills where brought to... more

  Alpine Documentation (E), Jonathan Barker (Gro) 60 min
13:00 | Congress Graz - Blauer Salon
Alle FestivalbesucherInnen können mit einer gelösten Karte des betreffenden Tages die Filme im Blauen Salon sehen. >> further information of the „Blauer Salon“
13:00 “The Wind Blows Round”

A small mountain village in the Occitaine Alps is gradually dying out, its income and the livelihood of its ageing population only maintained by the summer tourist season. Into this small, tight knit and conservative community comes a French... more

  Alpine and foreign cultures (I/E), Giorgio Diritti (Italien) 110 min
nominiert für einen Preis (2008)
14:55 “Super Mole”

Super Mole is a light-hearted and insightful profile of one of the most amazing and industrious animals on earth – the mole. This film ventures deep underground to reveal the incredible story of how this little mammal survives and thrives. Here we... more

  Nature and Environment (E), Pierre Bressiant (Frankreich) 52 min
15:50 “Svalbard – jagged peaks of Spitzbergen”

All three Slovenian expeditions (in 2005, 2006, and 2007) had to face logistical difficulties. Violent storms and temperatures in the region of minus 50 degree Celsius are not uncommon in the Polar Circle. The steep walls of the largest island of... more

  Adventure (SLO/E), Boštjan Mašera 50 min
16:40 “Der Ottermann von Ungarn”

A man and a woman with two different views about wild animals... plus an orphaned otter pup... Hungary has one of the strongest populations of otters in the world. The story revolves around the orphaned otter pup Viki. Through her dramatic,... more

  Nature and Environment (D), Zoltán Török (Ungarn) 52 min
17:35 “Bergauf, bergab”

In winter, they live where other farmers only spend their summer: at an altitude of 1725 metres, deep in the snow. The mountain farmer family Kempf in the Swiss Schächental runs three farms, and therefore has to move ten times per year. In spring... more

  Alpine and foreign cultures (Schweiz/D), Hans Haldimann (Schweiz) 97 min
19:15 “Die Bergretter – Notruf am Matterhorn”

„Die Bergretter“ shows thrilling stories of the life of the rescue team “Air Zermatt”. Already at six in the morning, the pilot Gerold is at work, waiting for the rescue chief Bruno Jelk. Since several days they are busy because of a group of... more

  Alpine Documentation (D), Frank Senn (Schweiz) 45 min
20:00 “Javas Kinder des Feuergottes”

The 2,339 m high Bromo ranks among the most active vulcanoes on the Indonesian island Java. The people of the Tengger, with a population of around 10,000 people, live around this mountain. Their skills in crop production yield rich harvests on the... more

  Alpine and foreign cultures (D), Peter Weinert (Deutschland) 44 min
20:45 “Mythen der Alpen”

In extreme landscapes such as the High Alps, the powers of nature and the needs of men differ in the utmost way. Eternal ice and snow masses make mountain passes inaccessible for months. Thunderstorms, storms and hail destroy the harvests... more

  Nature and Environment (D), Manfred Corrine 50 min
21:35 “Karearea: The Pine Falcon”

George Chance spent the 1970's becoming the most accomplished photographer of the New Zealand Falcon; now some thirty years later he is suffering from ill health and going blind. Filmmaker Sandy Crichton, looking for advice on how to film this... more

  Nature and Environment (E), Sandy Crichton (Neuseeland) 49 min
22:25 “Räumkommando Riesenratte”

Giant pouched rats the size of cats have an unusual job in Africa: they detect land mines. For one year, these rodents undergo a special formation and day by day become used to the smell of explosives. Especially in Mozambique, which was... more

  Nature and Environment (D), Herbert Ostwald (Deutschland) 43 min
23:10 “Mangroven - Bedrohte Küstenwälder in Brasilien”

The totally entangled roots in the brackish water of the tropical and sub-tropical coasts, where fresh water and salt water mix, form a unique habitat – the Mangroves. They are important breeding grounds for innumerous spieces of fish and... more

  Nature and Environment (D), Elke Sasse, Ivonne Schwamborn (Deutschland) 43 min