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Alpine Documentation
Climbing on Rock and Ice
Nature and Environment
Alpine and foreign Cultures

Program Wednesday, 12. Nov. 2008

Details Wednesday, 12. Nov. 2008

15:00 | Schubertkino Ticket Order
“Das Abenteuer der Eisbärenkinder”

The Arctic is one of the most hostile regions on earth. Hidden in a deep ice cave, a female ice bear is waiting for the winter to end. She has given birth to her offspring: triplets! – which is quite rare. After having spent more than five months... more

  Nature and Environment (D), Thomas Behrend (Deutschland) 45 min
“Die Traun – Ein Fluss wie ein Kristall”

The Traun is not just an ordinary river. The Traun forms the central axis of a multiple water system: thunderous englacial streams, waterfalls, seventy-six lakes, numerous sources of all kinds, cave waters, calm meadowlands, thousands of... more

  Nature and Environment (D), Klaus Feichtenberger, Erich Pröll 52 min
17:00 | Dom im Berg Ticket Order
“Portrait of a Serial Jumper”

The Norwegian André Bach is one of the pioneers of the international base jumping scene and started, like the most of them, as a reckless young man who had only one focus: B.A.S.E. jumping. In “Portrait of a Serial Jumper” Bach describes how his... more

  Adventure (E), Matthias Thönnissen (Deutschland) 11 min
“presence: 40 days in Greenland”

We spent 40 days in west coastline of Greenland. Kayaking in the fjords, looking for slopes with our own eyes, reading the weather and ski. We have done our best with our own strength in a very natural environment. It was a simple structure... more

  Adventure (Jap/E), Masaki Sekiguchi (Japan) 15 min
“Champions take nothing”

„First it wasn’t called ‘acro’, it was only called crazy stuff,“ says legendary pilot Richard Gallon about the rise of the paragliding aerobatics, one of the most edging mountain sports these days. The film shows the big battle between the new... more

  Adventure (E), Andras Kollmann (Ungarn) 61 min
17:00 | Schubertkino Ticket Order
“Zigeunerbaron Extrem” (außer Konkurrenz)

The route “Zigeunerbaron Extrem“ at the gate to the cave “Zigeunerloch” near Gratkorn was climbed for the first time by the two Styrians Christoph Grill and Thomas Hrovat twenty years ago. This event was documented in the first independent film... more

  Climbing on rock and ice (D), Robert Schauer 21 min
“In memoriam von Urs Frey: „L'è Uscia“ („Preis der Jury“ im Jahr 2001)” (außer Konkurrenz)

Most of the inhabitants of the Swiss Bündner Alpine Valleyes live in modest and sparse conditions. In many villages, the economic upturn arrived only in the last decades. Only a few of these people have preserved their traditional way of life... more

  Alpine and foreign cultures (Bregagliot/D), Urs Frey, Mike Wildbolz (Schweiz) 24 min
“Everest Unmasked (“Mount Everest Todeszone”)” (außer Konkurrenz)

The successful attempt of the two mountaineers Reinhold Messner and Peter Habeler in 1978 to climb Mount Everest without using oxygen bottles is the focus of the documentary by Leo Dickinson. This film also presents the – often tragic – history of... more

  Alpine Documentation (D), Leo Dickinson (Gro) 50 min
20:00 | Dom im Berg Ticket Order
  Climbing on rock and ice (D), Fulvio Mariani (Schweiz) 40 min
“Training Day”

Dave McLeod, one of Britain’s best all round climbers, is in the training for the hardest route he has ever tried, high on the north face of Ben Nevis. To be able to climb it, he must climb at his physical limit yet to fall off the route means... more

  Climbing on rock and ice (E), Claire MacLeod (Gro) 8 min
“Magic Mushroom”

Nowadays mountaineering is experiencing increasing specialisation and this makes Christoph Hainz probably one of the last all-rounders fulfilling his dream of real alpinism. Hainz is not only an extraordinary rock climber, he is also very... more

  Alpine Documentation (D), Christoph Hainz (Italien) 100 min
20:00 | Schubertkino Ticket Order
“Schwindelerregende Spiele”

Why do so many people exercise or at least admire sports – especially extreme sports in nature? This film describes what drives the athletes and searches for the reasons why they have a guilty conscience if they don’t exercise if the weather is... more

  Climbing on rock and ice (D), Mike Ramsauer 88 min
22:00 | Schubertkino Ticket Order
“Mawson – Life and Death in Antarctica”

The Douglas Mawson Antarctic Expedition of 1912 is one of the most amazing feats of endurance of all time. Although his two companions perished, Douglas Mawson survived, but how? In a bold historical experiment, adventurer Tim Jarvis retraces the... more

  Adventure (E), Malcolm McDonald (Australien) 85 min