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Alpine Documentation
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Fulvio Mariani
- Switzerland
Born in 1958 in La Chaux de Fonds (CH), Fulvio Mariani is a professional photographer and a passionate mountaineer. In 1981, he started to work as a cameraman for the Swiss Television. In 1983 he participated in the Everest North Face Expedition where he shot three documentaries. In 1985 he documented the first solo ascent of Cerro Torre by Marco Pedrini. “Cumbre” has won several prizes at diverse Film Festivals, such as in 1986 at the first Mountain Film Festival in Graz. Since then, Mariani has worked as a freelancer. Since 1987 he has worked for the RTSI, ZDF and ORF and he founded his company „Iceberg Film“. He documented diverse expeditions and made further films which were always about mountains and nature. Mariani also worked in Austria for several years, as a director for the ORF series „Land der Berge“. In 2004 he shot the film “Siachen - A War for Ice” which was awarded with prizes, and in 2006 won the „Grand Prix Graz“. For his film „Wings on your Feet“, Fulvio Mariani was awarded the „Kamera Alpin in Gold“ in the category “Adventure” at the 19th International Mountain & Adventure Film Festival Graz 2007.

Christine Kopp
- Switzerland
After having finished the formation of a translator in 1991, the Swiss Christine Kopp (1967) started to work as a freelance translator, journalist and writer in the field of alpinism. From 1994 to 2007 she was the responsible editor for the special Alpinism pages in the Neuen Zürcher Zeitung and she worked for diverse media in Switzerland, Germany, Italy and America. Together with the famous photographer and adventurer Thomas Ulrich and the cameraman Christoph Frutiger, she realized the mountain film „Cerro Torre – Sie wollen ihn nicht verstehen“ in 2002 which turned out to be very successful. Since then, Christine Kopp worked for many different film projects, has published and translated several books and numerous articles. She also lives her passion for mountains intensively. As a passionate mountaineer, climber and trekking woman she has travelled to many countries. What she enjoys most whilst travelling are the encounters on the way.

Kurt Mayer
- Austria
Kurt Mayer was born in 1951 in Vienna as a descendant of one of the oldest Austrian „Film Families“. He is a co-creator of theatre and performance projects as well as a producer and director of documentaries, of television documentaries, films on the economy and short films. In 1982, he shot his first TV-documentary about Mexico “Nur der Tod ist kein Verräter“. In „Aufwachen“(1985) he documented the beginning of the Austrian ecology-movement and their fight against the power station of Hainburg. After this he made several productions for the German broadcast and the ORF. In 2005 Kurt Mayer unrolled a fascinating chapter of the Austrian sport history with his extraordinary cinema portrait „Erik(A) - der Mann der Weltmeisterin wurde“. In 1991 he was awarded the Austrian State Award and Grand Prix for the world’s best Tourism Film as well as the Austrian State Award for the best Economy Film in 1997. Already two of his oeuvres have received the “Kamera Alpin in Gold” of the Graz Mountain Film Festival: „Die Entstehung der Alpen” (1998) and „Karpaten – Leben in Draculas Wäldern“ (2006).

Christoph Hainz
- Italy
Christoph Hainz was born in 1962 in South Tyrol and spent his childhood on a mountain farm. His passion for mountains developed only relatively late, but all the more intensively. Only at the age of 20 his mountaineering ambitions began, 8 years later he already gave up his profession as a mechanic in order to live as a mountain guide and ski instructor. Since then, Hainz succeeded in several first ascents, first free climbs of difficult routes and on-sight repetitions of classical alpine routes with a difficulty degree of 9-/9+. However, he is not only a rock climber, he is also competent in all other mountaineering disciplines, as is proved by his ascent of the Eiger north face or by his achievements in mixed climbing. In times of an increasing specialisation in the field of mountain sports, Christoph Hainz is probably one of the last all-rounders. He lives his dream of alpinism which ensures him an outstanding position in the international mountaineering scenery. In the past he has gathered some mountain film experiences when working in film projects with the Bavarian TV and the Italian TV RAI and making wonderful shots. With his actual lecture topic “Magic Mushroom – stunning mountains” he aims to transmit his experiences to the public.

Axel Klemmer
- Germany
Axel Klemmer was born in Berlin in 1963. Five years later he moved to Munich and it is owning this move that he did not waste his talent on rowing. Instead of diving into water, he felt an urge to climb the mountains, what he is still doing today, not in an extreme way, but with an extreme curiosity. He is a classic allround mountain climber and he is particularly interested in the present state of the nature and the cultural area of the Alps. He studied geography – with the main focus on the alpine tourisme – and, after that, turned his hobby into a career. He worked as a trainee with an alpine publishing house and worked for several years for the long-established magazine “Bergsteiger”. Ten years ago, he started to work for the magazine “Berge”. Today, he is a freelance journalist and works mainly for television: he is a member of the team producing the programme “Bergauf – Bergab“ broadcasted by Bayerischer Rundfunk (Bavarian Broadcasting).