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Alpine and foreign cultures Alpine and foreign cultures
“Peru - Das Fest des Schneesterns”

Joanna Michna, Thomas Wartmann (Deutschland) - 43 min

Saturday, 15. Nov. 2008 from 08:00 in Congress Graz - Blauer Salon       

Once a year, thousands of people flock to the glacier of Qoyllur Rity, the “mountain of wishes” in the Peruvian Andes. Already before the Inkas, it was a spiritual place, where the mighty Gods of the Mountains – the Apus - were worshipped. More than 200 years ago, the Catholic church turned this holy site into a place of pilgrimage. Since then, the people have set off on pilgrimages to both, the Gods of the Mountains and Jesus. Today, the Festival of the Snow Star, celebrated shortly before the Feast of Corpus Christi, is the main pilgrimage of the native Indians in Amerika.