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“Verbotenes Paradies - Die Tiere von Pripjat”

Ellen Windemuth, Marion Pöllmann (Deutschland) - 43 min

Saturday, 15. Nov. 2008 from 08:00 in Congress Graz - Blauer Salon       

What would happen if all of a sudden there were no people on planet Earth? How and how fast would nature react to such a change? A remote place in Europe gives an answer to these questions. There we find a village that has been abandoned and totally left to nature. Only pets have stayed in the houses. Plants have overgrown the gardens and buildings. Wild animals, even endangered spieces, are attracted to the underwood, which keeps growing unhindered. The animals are facing a twofold challenge: whereas the wild animals are invading the houses, the pets are trying to adapt to life in the wilderness. However, the village that seems so idyllic at first sight, holds a dreadful secret.


Kamera Alpin in Gold 2008

The fascinating and persuasive portrait of a Garden of Eden from which man has evicted himself. What is paradoxical: as soon as man has left, the contaminated nature close to Chernobyl starts flourishing again. Comforting and sad at the same time.