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“Zauberberge - Die Wildnis der Hohen Tatra”

Pavol Barabás, Harald Pokieser 52 min

Saturday, 15. Nov. 2008 from 08:00 in Grazer Congress - Grüner Saal       

In the heart of Europe there is a wild mountain landscape: the High Tatra. Like a well-kept secret this mountain range towers into the sky in the north of Slovakia. Watching the nature of the High Tatra means to undertake a journey in time, back to the ages when ploughs were drawn by horses, when trees were cut with axes and hand saws, back to a European Wilderness, where there was still place for big hunters. We experience a dramatic year in the High Tatra, watching a lynx family breed their offspring and hunt chamois, a year together with the imperial eagle which belongs to the rarest birds of prey in Europe, and a summer together with shepherds and their adversaries, the wolves.