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“Die Bergretter – Notruf am Matterhorn”

Frank Senn (Schweiz) - 45 min

Friday, 14. Nov. 2008 from 13:00 in Congress Graz - Blauer Salon       

„Die Bergretter“ shows thrilling stories of the life of the rescue team “Air Zermatt”. Already at six in the morning, the pilot Gerold is at work, waiting for the rescue chief Bruno Jelk. Since several days they are busy because of a group of Polish mountaineers who want to climb the Mount Cervin in winter. A few days ago they had set off and were surprised by bad winter weather. In their hardship they made an emergency call and wanted to be rescued by helicopter. However, as soon as the weather cleared, they refused any help. Now they have lost all contact. The mountain rescuers expect the worse. Will they be able to rescue the Polish alive? They have to deal with an operation which is quite dangerous for the rescuers too.