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Alpine and foreign cultures Alpine and foreign cultures
“The Wind Blows Round”

Giorgio Diritti (Italien) - 110 min

Friday, 14. Nov. 2008 from 13:00 in Congress Graz - Blauer Salon       

A small mountain village in the Occitaine Alps is gradually dying out, its income and the livelihood of its ageing population only maintained by the summer tourist season. Into this small, tight knit and conservative community comes a French shepherd, bringing his young family, his goats and his entrepreneurial skills as cheese-maker. Initially he is welcomed, if not with open arms, then at least with the sense that his arrival could reinvigorate village life. But the newcomer's experiences start to turn sour as misunderstandings multiply and the villagers begin to resent the intrusion his family and business cause to their oh so quiet lives. Actually a fictional drama but made in such a way that it almost seems like a documentary, this is a very assured, hugely entertaining and thought provoking film about a profound culture clash in an isolated community, whilst making the most of the astonishing mountain landscape for breathtaking images through the seasons.


Grand Prix Graz 2008

The only feature film in the festival programme takes up a very important subject from today’s life in the Alps. Using the example of a stranger who aims to get a foothold in a mountainous Italian village concerned with the migration of its citizens, the film illustrates the conflict between the preservation of the traditional and the necessity to find new ways. The outcome is an outstanding movie with an excellent cast; a most compelling and captivating film that will leave no viewer untouched.