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“Freediving with Killer Whales”

Eskil Hardt (D) - 26 min

Thursday, 13. Nov. 2008 from 14:00 in Congress Graz - Blauer Salon       

Freediving is diving only with a mask and a snorkel. For years it has been a dream of Stig Aavall Severinsen, World Champion in this discipline, to dive and interact with the beautiful and mesmerizing Killer Whales. Stig takes the viewer deep down into the environment of the Killer Whale and explores their world. He can hold his breath for more than 8 minutes resting and 3-4 minutes during physical activity, diving in the sea. As a freediver he is able to dive unrestrictedly up and down as he wishes, with no risk of decompression sickness. Stig believes this will increase his chances of interaction with the whales.