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“Legacy: Austria’s Influence on American Skiing - Hannes Schneider & His Disciples”

Ian Scully (USA) - 56 min

Thursday, 13. Nov. 2008 from 14:00 in Congress Graz - Blauer Salon       

This award-winning film is about how Hannes Schneider became known as the “Father of Modern Alpine Skiing” by starting his famous ski school and ski shop in St. Anton, Austria in the early 1900s and then spreading awareness of alpine skiing throughout the world by starring in ski movies and developing his famous Arlberg technique. With the Nazi takeover of their beloved Austria, Hannes and many of his disciples fled to the Americas. Once in the Americas they taught thousands of people how to ski, and developed, managed, and improved many of America’s premiere ski resorts. Their legacy is still very much alive. This legacy serves as a testament to the tenacity, determination, entrepreneurial spirit and success of these Austrians, and above all an attitude that all things are possible.