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Climbing on rock and ice Climbing on rock and ice
“Don Whillans Myth & Legend”

Leo Dickinson (Gro) - 60 min

Thursday, 13. Nov. 2008 from 14:00 in Grazer Congress - Grüner Saal       

In the 1950’s climbing standards exploded. It was due to two men - Joe Brown & Don Whillans. They were small wiry men of immense power and small stature. Never before or since has one pair of climbers pushed the standards so far or so hard. Their world evolved around the gritstone outcrops of Shining Clough, Kinder, Yellowslacks and the Roaches and cliffs of North Wales and the Lakes. This film is about one of them; the droll, uncompromising, feisty half of an exceptional partnership. Brought up on the back streets of Salford and attending the university of life he became an icon to the climbing world. His routes became legendary, his fights went into folklore & his wit became the currency of a generation. ‘There are many great climbers in the world but few are geniuses - Don was one of them.’ Chris Bonington.