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Alpine and foreign cultures Alpine and foreign cultures
“Where Gods Abide”

Alceo Marti (Kroatien) - 29 min

Thursday, 13. Nov. 2008 from 14:00 in Kammermusiksaal       

This film is based on the director's field research conducted in Tibet in 2006, when he made a ritual pilgrimage to Kailas - the khorra - following the norms of behavior of Buddhist monks, and attended the central annual Tibetan festival - Saga Dawa. Since ancient times Kailas has been an important pilgrimage site. For Tibetan Buddhists it is the centre of the world or axis mundi. For the majority of Tibetan pilgrims, Kailas represents the heavenly king, while the surrounding lower peaks represent his ministers. In order to understand the symbolic value of the mountain of Kailas for Tibetans as well as its fantastic surroundings, a person has to analyze it not only from a geographical, cultural or historical perspective, but primarily through the eyes of the pilgrims.