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Alpine and foreign cultures Alpine and foreign cultures
“Eigenbrötler – Fritz Sendlhofer”

Nadja von Thaden, Eva Walkner (Deutschland) - 15 min

Saturday, 15. Nov. 2008 from 09:00 in Stefaniensaal       

Fritz Sendlhofer is Zell am See’s dinosaur. Although he lives in a remote place on a small mountain above the city, everyone knows him. This is not surprising, because Fritz is very convivial, the door of his house is always open for everybody. And he is a true handyman. He owns a private brewery, produces his own ham, and, in addition, he is the winner of the Olympic Beard Games. He is also a passionate collector. In his self-made wooden hut he displays more than 2500 antique saws and hundreds of Steins on his walls. Fritz has his individual life style, his very own opinion and a very special relationship to his home-country.