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Alpine and foreign cultures Alpine and foreign cultures
“Matterhorn Magie – Leben am Viertausender”

Tina Radke-Gerlach (Deutschland) - 45 min

Friday, 14. Nov. 2008 from 15:30 in Kammermusiksaal       

This documentary is not about the famous idyllic pictures of the silhouette of the Matterhorn that we know from post cards showing the impressive 4000 m high mountain at its best. Instead, it tells striking stories about people who have a very special relationship with this most popular rock of the Alps. Whereas for some the Matterhorn has a more spiritual dimension, others have more down-to-earth stories to tell about its rugged nature. Both the natural and the supernatural play an important role for people living at such high altitudes. The film throws light on the lives of Beat, a farmer, Kurt, the landlord of the mountain hut, Nicole, a bohemian, and Klaus, an Augustinian monk, exploring the reasons why they have chosen to live here. It is a journey to extraordinary people and through breathtaking landscape.