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“Tibet - Reise durch ein verbotenes Land: Das Geheimnis des heiligen Berges”

Steffen Bayer (Deutschland) - 44 min

Friday, 14. Nov. 2008 from 14:30 in Steiermarksaal       

Almost 60 years after the Chinese occupation, Tibet is still a „Forbidden Land“ just like in former times. The film crew managed to travel into Tibetan regions which usually are not accessible for journalists. They used the original diaries of Heinrich Harrer and Peter Auschnaiter, whose life story became world-famous thanks to the Hollywood movie “Seven Years in Tibet”, as travel guides. Despite the detailed descriptions in the diaries, it is rather difficult to follow their traces. The old village where both of them sat down to take the first rest on Tibetan ground does not exist anymore. Today there is a small settlement with modern pre-fabricated high-rise houses, the former inhabitants have been resettled elsewhere. Whoever wants to reach the Kailash has to pass through five internal Tibetan passport control stations. By these means the Chinese managed to reduce the stream of pilgrims considerably. Those pilgrims who still succeed in arriving at the Kailash are convinced that their faith is stronger than any of the very severe interdictions.