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Climbing on rock and ice Climbing on rock and ice
“Schwindelerregende Spiele”

Mike Ramsauer 88 min

Wednesday, 12. Nov. 2008 from 20:00 in Schubertkino       

Why do so many people exercise or at least admire sports – especially extreme sports in nature? This film describes what drives the athletes and searches for the reasons why they have a guilty conscience if they don’t exercise if the weather is fine on weekends. The film „Schwindelerregende Spiele“ (dizzy games) also deals with the industrial wealth of time and material and examines the task which everybody has to fulfil already in the state of infancy: the search for the own individuality and the personal sense of life. In the desperate search, mountains can become a projection screen of goals and desires which can or could not be reached. Rock faces can become screens which – in a reduced way - allow a critical view on the phenomena of modern society.