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Alpine and foreign cultures Alpine and foreign cultures
“In memoriam von Urs Frey: „L'è Uscia“ („Preis der Jury“ im Jahr 2001)” (beyond competition)

Urs Frey, Mike Wildbolz (Schweiz) - 24 min

Wednesday, 12. Nov. 2008 from 17:00 in Schubertkino       

Most of the inhabitants of the Swiss Bündner Alpine Valleyes live in modest and sparse conditions. In many villages, the economic upturn arrived only in the last decades. Only a few of these people have preserved their traditional way of life until today. One of them is the 70 year-old farmer Renzo Maroli. Throughout the year, he lives in modest huts on the steep slopes of the Bergeller mountain village Castasegna, most of the time all alone with his cattle, in the rhythm of the season and in close relation to nature. He recounts about his life in his beautiful Bergeller dialect, which is a mixture of Rhaeto-Romanic and Italian language.