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Alpine Documentation
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Details Thursday, 08. Nov. 2007

14:00 | Grazer Congress - Grüner Saal
14:00 “Chamonix, les sommets de la science”

Old snow? For the scientists, the condition of glaciers is one of the most important indicator of climate changes. In the valley of Chamonix and in the mountain massif of the Mont Blanc, the pioneers of the climate and glacier research gathered... more

  Nature and Environment (F), Jean Afanassieff (Frankreich) 52 min
14:55 “Churubamba – Frauen am Ball”

Peru – a calm mountain region far from big cities. Smooth clouds nestle on picturesque rocks, a lama grazes peacefully, when suddenly a cry interrupts the silence: “Goaaal!!!” A group of women throw their arms into the air. “With every goal we... more

  Alpine and foreign cultures (D), Carmen Butta (Deutschland) 52 min
15:50 “Der Tiger und der Mönch”

Wat Pa Luangta Bua is a monastery of meditation, far away from any civilization, about 200 kilometres west of Bangkok, a place full of silence, peace and harmony. Every afternoon, the same ritual can be observed: nonchalant Buddhist monks take... more

  Alpine and foreign cultures (D), Harald Pokieser 51 min
16:45 “Mythos Blautopf – Expedition ins Dunkel”

Since centuries many mysteries have twined around the Blautopf in the Schwäbische Alb, a source which was considered unfathomable for a long time. In September 2006, three speleologists set off for an expedition aiming to unveil one of the last... more

  Adventure (D), Claus Hanischdörfer (Deutschland) 43 min
17:30 “Mujaan”

On the distant steppes of Mongolia, using only simple tools, strength and ingenuity, a nomad builds a home much the way his ancestors have for the past one thousand years. “Mujaan” (The Craftsman) is a vivid window to a disappearing way of life in... more

  Alpine and foreign cultures (Mongol/E), Chris McKee (USA) 25 min
18:00 “Das Genie der Natur – Energie ist der Schlüssel”

Solar cells are outdated. Today the scientists experiment with artificial leaves that produce hydrogen with the help of solar energy. They also try to air-condition whole cities following the example of the thermal system of termite mounds. This... more

  Nature and Environment (D), Alfred Vendl, Steve Nicholls 52 min
18:55 “First Ascent”

“First Ascent” is a movie about the legendary routes that have never been climbed – and the dirt bag heroes that climb them. “First Ascent” is a global romp with climbing’s modern-day pioneers, from the sea cliffs in Thailand to the high... more

  Climbing on rock and ice (E), Peter Mortimer, Nick Rosen (USA) 83 min
20:20 “Herrscher der Meere”

This documentary accompanies the shark explorer Richard Fitzpatrick to the Australian Great-Barrier-Reef, the largest marine sea park in the world and home of the tiger sharks. Fishing is strictly forbidden, yet also a mono-culture on land can... more

  Nature and Environment (D), Florian Guthknecht (Deutschland) 29 min
20:50 “Light at the Edge of the World: Polynesia – The Wayfinders”

The ancient Polynesians settled the giant Polynesian Triangle aboard seafaring canoes a thousand years ago. The navigators could pinpoint tiny islands in the vastness of the Pacific by reading the stars, the winds and the seas swells. It was an... more

  Alpine and foreign cultures (E), Andrew Gregg (Kanada) 47 min
21:40 “Gefahr in eisigen Höhen”

Two years ago, the largest ever Swiss high altitude research expedition set off to the 7,546 metre high Muztagh Ata in west China. The aim of the expedition was to learn more about high altitude acclimatisation and the phenomena of high altitude... more

  Alpine Documentation (D/E), Frank Senn, Otto C. Honegger (Schweiz) 52 min
22:35 “Bergschau”

This impressionistic short film with impressive photographic sequences tells the story of one summer in the mountains of the Allgäu, an area in the Bavarian Alps. Without narration but with the help of the rhythm of cuts and the conscious use of... more

  Nature and Environment (n.v.), Gerhard und Fridolin Baur (Deutschland) 10 min