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Details Saturday, 10. Nov. 2007

09:00 | Stefaniensaal Ticket Order
“Länder-Menschen-Abenteuer: Töchter des Hindukusch”

The Kalash live in the high valleys of the Hindukush, in the north west of Pakistan, near the border with Afghanistan. During centuries they have succeeded in resisting the Islamization. However, during the last decades, many of them have given... more

  Alpine and foreign cultures (D), Marc Eberle (Deutschland) 44 min
“Wings On Your Feet”

John Falkiner and Paolo Tassi, two charming personalities, untiring powder hunters and free telemark interpreters, tell us about their dreams and why they have chosen skiing as their true lifestyle. Whooshing through Fulvio Mariani’s camera shots,... more

  Adventure (E+I/D), Fulvio Mariani (Schweiz) 50 min
“Conflict Tiger”

In the forests of the Russian Far East, an inexperienced and foolhardy poacher triggers an infamous series of tiger attacks on people. The authorities call upon the services of Yuri Trush, a specialist in tracking and eliminating tigers that have... more

  Nature and Environment (R/E), Sasha Snow (Gro) 62 min