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Program Wednesday, 07. Nov. 2007

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15:00 | Schubertkino Ticket Order
“Making of ‚Am Limit – The point of no return”

The documentary „Am Limit“ by the director Pepe Danquart is about the two brothers Alexander and Thomas Huber, who since their early childhood have been seeking their limits in the mountains. They are known as the world’s best sport and alpine... more

  Climbing on rock and ice (D), Pepe Danquart, Martin Hanslmeier (Deutschland) 26 min
“Am Limit”

The „Huberbuam“ are well known. Alexander and Thomas Huber are two of the world’s best extreme and alpine climbers of our time. The Oscar® price winner Pepe Danquart follows these climbers with his camera up to heights where noone has filmed... more

  Climbing on rock and ice (D), Pepe Danquart (Deutschland) 94 min
17:30 | Schubertkino Ticket Order
“Becoming a Woman in Zanskar”

In the remote kingdom of Zanskar, in the Northern Himalayas, “Becoming a Woman” recounts the true and moving story of a friendship shattered by destiny. Two best friends have to part and to leave their families forever. Tenzin will be married to a... more

  Alpine and foreign cultures (E), Jean-Michel Corillion (Frankreich) 85 min
18:00 | Dom im Berg Ticket Order
“Speed Riding”

Speed Riding is the gliding buffs’ new winter sport. It’s a blend of skiing, parachuting and paragliding, guaranteeing excitement for thrill-seekers. The film will make you discover a multi-faceted sport, from the first steps on gentle slopes to... more

  Adventure (F/E), Antoine Boisselier (Frankreich) 20 min
“Ines Papert - 10. Grad an der großen Zinne, Pellisier”

„An incredible line, from the entrance 200 m of permanently tough overhanging climbing on mostly solid ledges….and at the end a roof where there is nothing below you than air.” This line is called „Pellisier“ 8b and counts as the most difficult... more

  Climbing on rock and ice (D), Max Reichel, Franz Hinterbrandner (Deutschland) 21 min
“Trial & Air”

Hold tight to your seats as Jackson’s premier skiers & riders take to the skies and leave troughs in their wake of chest deep powder in the Teton Range. Tired of the same old helicopter angles? Check out Storm Show’s approach to sky-high footage:... more

  Adventure (E), Darrell Miller / Storm Show Studios (USA) 47 min
19:30 | Schubertkino Ticket Order
“Im Tal der großen Buddhas”

In March 2001, two enormous Buddha statues were blasted by specialists of the terror group Al-Quaida in the remote Bamiyan valley in Afghanistan. The old stone giants had been a unique monument for the advanced culture which blossomed along the... more

  Alpine and foreign cultures (D), Christian Frei (Schweiz) 93 min
20:00 | Dom im Berg Ticket Order

Impressive backdrops, complex camera shots and the world’s best snowboarders: „More“ gives us a new angle of sight thanks to the self-developed “JetPack”- camera system which brings the spectator closer to the snow boarding action than ever... more

  Adventure (n.v.), Patrick Armbruster, Justin Hostynek (Schweiz) 53 min
“Spotlight – Cima Tosa”

The Brenta is an impressive mountain massif in the Dolomites. Whereas during the summer months the area around the Cima Tosa is a meeting point of the alpine climbing scene, in winter it is deserted. Only rarely does a roped-party dare to climb... more

  Adventure (D), Harry Putz 36 min

To roam is to embrace the path that is stretched out before us: curved, straight, up or down. To roam is to know that the up can be long and slow while the down can be fast and gone in the blink of an eye. To roam is to crave the unridden path, to... more

  Adventure (E), the collective (Kanada) 45 min
21:30 | Schubertkino Ticket Order
“Arctic Son”

In the tiny Artic village of Old Crow a father and son are reunited after 20 years apart. Stanley Senior is a hunter, a rugged man of the land steeped in Native Gwitchin traditions. Troubled Stanley Junior, who was raised in Seattle, immerses... more

  Alpine and foreign cultures (E), Andrew Walton (USA) 77 min