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“Wanted Anaconda”

Rainer Bergomaz (Deutschland) - 43 min

Saturday, 10. Nov. 2007 from 08:00 in Congress Graz - Blauer Salon       

No other „inhabitant“ of South Africa is more feared than the anaconda. When the most powerful snake of the world winds its strong body around its victim there is hardly any chance of survival. Therefore it is not surprising that numerous horror stories deal with this giant reptile. However, how large do these animals really become? Equipped with state-of-the-art technical means, a team of biologists and animal filmmakers tries to answer this question. Their adventure journey leads them through swamps and almost impenetrable forests in Guyana. Following the tracks of the giant anaconda, this documentary offers an insight into the lives of these until now scientifically hardly fathomed snakes. The camera team succeeds in shooting unique pictures of behaviours never filmed before, such as the birth of young anacondas.