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Alpine and foreign cultures Alpine and foreign cultures
“Die Versöhnung”

Olaf Kreinsen (Deutschland) - 84 min

Thursday, 08. Nov. 2007 from 14:00 in Congress Graz - Blauer Salon       

After working as a ship’s officer for ten years, Benedikt Stirner returns home to the mountain farm, where his father is dying. Benedikt’s mother Maria is in grief, because the old Max Stirner does not want to see Benedict, who used to be his favourite son, nor is he willing to forgive him for the death of his youngest son Julius, who fell to death whilst climbing a mountain. Benedikt himself still feels responsible for Julius’ death, which had made him leave the farm and Johanna. Johanna now lives with Benedikt’s ambitious brother Anton. Anton Stirner fights for Johanna and even more so for his father’s love and recognition, and he feels a deep hate for his brother. He confesses to the priest of the village that 10 years ago did not tell the truth: a chain of unfortunate reactions lead to Julius’ death, and Benedikt cannot be blamed for it. The priest begs Anton to tell the truth, however Anton keeps quiet. When Benedikt and Johanna begin to become closer again, the situation escalates.