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“Ol'Man River - Mächtiger Mississippi”

Michael Schlamberger, Steve Nicholls 50 min

Friday, 09. Nov. 2007 from 13:00 in Congress Graz - Blauer Salon       

With its catchment area the size of the Indian sub-continent and its length of 3.800 kilometres, the Mississippi is the world’s third largest river. From the source area at the Itasca Lake in Minnesota to its mouth in the Golf of Mexico, from the geological birth of the Mississippi to today’s overcrowded cities with millions of inhabitants on its banks, this film reveals the essential nature of America’s most famous river in a cinematographic journey in time. With the aid of computer animations and feature scenes, the film shows the great moments of Mississippi’s history and the most charismatic animals of the US: bisons and huge alligators. Throughout the whole film one can feel the special charm of the Mississippi and learn about its various aspects, from the Cajun-Feeling of the South to the wild-west image of the North.