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“Tiere vor der Kamera: Die Saga vom Vogel in der Hand”

Ernst Arendt, Hans Schweiger (Deutschland) - 43 min

Thursday, 08. Nov. 2007 from 14:00 in Congress Graz - Blauer Salon       

„When you meet the bird, then gently show it that you know, love and understand its country, and it will entrust you with everything it possesses: its freedom, its life, its offspring!”, says a fairy tale in Lapland. “The legend of the bird in the hand” has become reality for Ernst Arendt and Hans Schweiger. A little Mornell plover tiptoes to Ernst Arendt, sits trustingly in his hands and starts breeding there. It is a touching moment, just like catching a glimpse of paradise, the reconciliation of man and nature. The team has classified this thrilling and entertaining film as its most emotional one: “Although we have in the past observed wild, un-tamed animals in the wilderness, this time it seemed to us as if we had filmed a fairy tale”.


Lobende Erwähnung 2007

As one member of the jury said “this film has the charm of the 1970ies” – and this was meant in a really positive sense. This unassuming production takes us on a wonderful journey. The protagonists could not be more different: one is little and almost inconspicuous and the others are big and belong to the business since 30 years. But they have one thing in common: mutual acceptance in nature, probably even love. This is an authentic film which does not need superlatives and in particular tamed animals in front of the camera. The Honourable Mention in the category “Nature and Environment” goes to Ernst Arendt and Hans Schweiger for their film „Die Saga vom Vogel in der Hand“.